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Welcome To Northern Lakes Construction
For many people, the most important goal in life after starting a family is to build their dream home. And yet, constructing a home is a very complicated endeavor involving a multitude of tasks which must be performed in a very specific sequence. People who attempt to build their own homes with little or no experience can quickly be overwhelmed and lose control of the project.

Instead of going it alone, why not call us at Northern Lakes Construction and allow us to assist you in all of the various tasks required to build your home. Among the tasks we can perform for you are the following:

Design and drafting


Permits and inspections

Project management and scheduling

Hiring and supervision of subcontractors

Site preparation



Exterior brick, siding and other applications


Door and window installation

Electrical, plumbing, air conditioning and heating rough in


Drywall and interior wall finish

Tile and wood flooring

Cabinetry and kitchen installation

Interior trim

Stairs and railings

Home office installation

Entertainment centers

Painting and staining

Installation of appliances

Finish electrical, plumbing, air conditioning and heating

Storage systems

Patio covers, shade structures and trellises

Decks, gazebos, outdoor kitchens and bars


For customers with some experience in managing construction projects around the house, Northern Lakes Construction can work with homeowners to allow them to manage various aspects of the project themselves, thereby reducing costs.

Bed and Breakfast Project

"Elisha's Retreat"

Austin, Texas
December 2004 - March 2005

Elisha's Retreat is a Bed and Breakfast located on a private residence in Southwest Austin, Texas. The proprietors are Clyde and Marsha Combs, and the facility is available for bookings through Craig's List.

This structure was completed in March of 2005, and was the last project undertaken by Northern Lakes Construction personnel that required all of the essential tasks necessary to build a custom home from start to finish.

Structure looking West

Looking East

Pool and Cabana

View from deck

Entry and deck

Interior view

Interior view

Interior view

Interior view

Interior view

Interior view

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